Structural Inspections

Structural Inspections in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio Structural Inspections

Structural inspection focuses on the structural integrity of your property and examines existing or potential problems. ProCheck Engineering will have a licensed engineer visit the site and visually inspects areas of your property. ProCheck Engineering will look for signs of structural deficiencies that may cause problems with the integrity of the building.

Inspecting the Foundation and Structural Inspection

ProCheck Engineering is a registered engineering company with the State of Ohio. As part of the home inspection, the ProCheck engineer will evaluate the visible areas of the foundation and other structural elements. Common defects encountered include bowed basement walls, cracked rafters and excessive water seepage. If a problem is found we can offer repair solutions and refer you to a qualified contractor.

When will I receive the written report?

You will receive copies of our comprehensive home inspection report, either in person, or most likely via email, the very same day. Some inspection companies make you wait several days for the report to be mailed to you. This delay could mean you do not receive the report before the inspection contingency in your real estate contract expires.

You will be provided a copy of our comprehensive report after the inspection. Other pertinent information is also supplied at this time which will help you evaluate your purchase decision.