Welcome to ProCheck Engineering, Inc.

ProCheck Engineering, Inc. has been Central Ohio’s leading home inspection company since 1997. You have invested a great amount of time and effort in selecting a house. You should protect your investment by choosing a qualified home inspector.

All home inspectors are not equal. Since Ohio has no licensing requirements or regulations governing the industry anyone can enter the inspection business. Therefore, the quality of your inspection may vary greatly depending on the knowledge and experience of the inspection company you select.

ProCheck Engineering differs from other inspection companies in that all of our inspectors are graduates of an accredited engineering curriculum. All are homeowners with prior construction and engineering experience and attend continuing education classes to keep abreast of the latest changes in the construction and inspection industries. The company is also registered with the State of Ohio to perform foundation and structural certifications.

ProCheck Engineering is an owner-operated business with a fully staffed office to promptly schedule your inspection. Our owners are all experienced inspectors who are actively engaged in the operation of the company. Let ProCheck Engineering satisfy your home inspection and structural engineering needs!