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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding our inspection services:

Why should I use ProCheck?

We are a fully insured and licensed engineering firm dedicated to quality and serving you. At ProCheck Engineering, home inspections are our only business. This makes our inspectors flexible to meet your scheduling needs. We maintain a staffed office to answer your calls and questions any time of day and help expedite scheduling.

What makes ProCheck different from other home inspectors?

A house is a complex set of electrical, mechanical, and structural components, which require a diverse background to understand. All inspectors at ProCheck Engineering are members of ASHI and licensed in the State of Ohio to perform home inspections. It is this depth of knowledge, which sets us apart from other inspection companies.

Why have an inspection?

An inspection will help you better understand and evaluate your prospective home. Our engineers are trained to objectively evaluate the numerous elements of the home.

Who benefits from an inspection?

YOU benefit from a thorough, independent evaluation of the home. We strongly recommend that you do not risk such an important investment without an inspection.

How long does an inspection take?

The time for an inspection depends on the size, age, and complexity of the home. For the average home, in order to meet ASHI requirements and provide you with an accurate report, a ProCheck home inspection typically lasts 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the house.

Will the inspector enter the accessible attics and crawl spaces?

Unless obstructed or too dangerous, ASHI guidelines require ProCheck inspectors to examine all attic and crawl space areas and include their findings in the report. This is a crucial factor since many defects in the secluded areas go undiscovered until they are inspected.

Does the inspector carry the proper tools and test equipment to thoroughly evaluate the house?

A proper inspection requires looking inside the electrical panel, water heater, and furnace. All ProCheck inspectors carry electrical meters, mirrors, moisture meters, and gas detectors in order to make accurate diagnosis.

Are you concerned about the foundation or structure?

ProCheck Engineering is a registered engineering company with the State of Ohio. As part of the home inspection, the ProCheck inspector will evaluate the visible areas of the foundation and other structural elements. Common defects encountered include bowed basement walls, cracked rafters and excessive water seepage. If a problem is found we can offer repair solutions and refer you to a qualified contractor.

How far ahead must we schedule?

Depending on our inspector’s schedule, our inspector coordinator can assist you in finding a time that is convenient for you. We have flexible hours including evenings and Saturdays.

When will I receive the written report?

You will receive copies of our comprehensive home inspection report, either in person, or most likely via email, the very same day. Some inspection companies make you wait several days for the report to be mailed to you. This delay could mean you do not receive the report before the inspection contingency in your real estate contract expires.

You will be provided a copy of our comprehensive report after the inspection. Other pertinent information is also supplied at this time which will help you evaluate your purchase decision.

How do I select a home inspector?

Please call us at (614) 841-0217 and let our inspection coordinator assess your needs and arrange all details of the inspection for you. You may also view our staff page to review the individual qualifications of our inspectors.

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